Inspiration in HDR Photography

Trey Ratcliff from has been a big inspiration to me. His work has risen to world wide acclaim and he certainly is a master of his craft. Trey specializes in HDR photography which stands for High Dynamic Range. This is done by taking several different exposures and combining them in post process. This makes for sharp vibrant colors and excellent shadow detail. This style of photography has grown in popularity in recent years, but it definitely has it’s critics. Some feel it’s overly saturated, surreal and dreamlike. For those photographers, they keep things as pure and natural as they can. Personally, I dig HDR. For me this enhanced style of photography invokes a greater sense of awe and has the ability to portray a greater depth of beauty. Have you ever been somewhere breathtaking, but no matter how hard you tried you just couldn’t fully capture the moment or scene on camera? HDR photography allows you to capture more of that magic.

Here are some examples of Trey’s work:

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The Art of Capture

Photography. For some it’s the art of capturing a memory or a moment in time. For others it may feed the need for gadgetry and technical bliss. Whatever the reason, arguably the most appealing aspect of photography is the visual stimulation one gets from viewing a really good photograph. It can inspire, relate, motivate, provoke, invoke emotion, trigger a memory, even make you immediately call a friend to tell them all about it. It can truly be a powerful thing. A picture really is a thousand words, and can mean different words to different people.

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